PIX•EL(n): short for picture element, a pixel is a single point in a graphic image.

NIN•JA(n): also shinobi, a ninja is a covert agent who specializes in unorthodox methods.

PixNinja is a Marketing Un-Agency located in Lawrence, Kansas.

You were born an original. Don't die a copy.

We specialize in design, web, marketing, branding, advertising, multi-media development, art & fun.

We do things differently. No shortcuts. No cookie-cutters. We actually answer calls and emails or respond as promptly as possible. Our quality and service are unparalleled and helping people is our M.O.

We believe in democratic creativity and accessible design. We believe in budget conscious solutions. We believe in transparency and holding ourselves accountable.

How We Can Help

We are a full service un-agency with extensive experience in designing and producing genius print, web, marketing, branding & advertising. Yes, we are modest.

We pride ourselves on our versatility and accessibility. We don't have any titles or job positions (We came up with some to be sporting). None of us fit into any box or category. We are simply Sneaky Awesome Ninjas who are great at what we love and love what we do.

Michael O. Taylor

Michael O. Taylor

Creative Director / Professional 2nd Grader

Brenda Johnston Brown

Brenda Johnston

Marketing / Utility Infielder

Teresa Fernandez

Teresa Fernandez

Handler / OCD Spaniard

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