Logo vs. Brand: Yes, There is a Difference

Think of Me Beach Sign

Ever wonder what the difference is between a logo and a brand? Here's an explanation to get you started.

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How to Choose a Website Designer or Company

Need some help choosing a person or agency to help you with your new website or overhaul? Here are some tips from a pro!

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10 Marketing Truths I Know at 46

I've been at this marketing gig for over 25 years and I've learned a few things.

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Built On Need

PixNinja is Built On Need


LFK: A Fabulous Alternative

LFK Alternative Lawrence Fabulous Kansas

Need a PG rated, family friendly alternative to the locally well known term LFK? We have one for you: Lawrence Fabulous Kansas or LFabK!

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Democratizing the Web - Adventures in Joomla: Flashback

Michael O. Taylor Photo by PixNinja

Wanna here about the old days in 2013 when I decided to learn Joomla and my adventures in open source? Hereyago.

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