LFK: A Fabulous Alternative

LFK Alternative Lawrence Fabulous Kansas

Need a PG rated, family friendly alternative to the locally well known term LFK? We have one for you: Lawrence Fabulous Kansas or LFabK!

Most folks here in Lawrence are familiar with the term LFK. And most folks know it means Lawrence F*cking Kansas. Many may not know about it's origin story and/or Leslie Kay.

What I do know is sometimes you need a PG rated, family friendly term that is a good altermative (see what I did there?) for LFK aside from Lawrence Freakin' Kansas, Lawrence F'n Kansas, etc.

So Friends

I submit for your consideration: Lawrence Fabulous Kansas / LFabK. With this you have a handy little ditty to keep in your back pocket in case your child asks about LFK, your grandmother is confused or you just don't embrace using "the swear words". Hopefully it can get you out of an awkward situation or into a healthy conversation.

All I Can Say Is

No matter how you slice it, Lawrence is the Best+1!


LFK L Fab K Lawrence Fabulous Kansas

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