Built On Need

This came to me, outta nowhere, while doing a creative Brain Dump for PixNinja. We are Built On Need!

I ran it by Brenda and Teresa and they had the same look on their faces that you probably have right now on yours. Something along the lines of "Hun?" or "Okay M.T., we're listening". So heregoes:

Everything and Everybody is Built On Need.

For me personally, it's the Need to Learn. Create. Produce. Be Entertained. Be Surprised. Be Unexpected. Be Me. Have Fun. Love. I have a sneaking feeling I'm not alone in these Needs.

PixNinja is Built On Need as well. We Need to Help. Serve. Be Excellent. Grow. Impress. Delight. Surprise. Be Dependable. Be Consistent. Evolve.

On the Other Hand...

PixNinja exists because our clients Need Us! They Need our Creativity. Experience. Empathy. Knowledge. Accessibility. Drive. Passion.

Just as plants Need water and sun to survive and grow, we Need Challenges. Trust. Respect. Curiousity. Work. Play. Satisfaction.

In order to survive we Need You! We Need Your Needs! We Need to share our Sneaky Awesomeness. We Need You to be Satisfied. Thrilled. Secure. Enriched.

It's in our DNA. It keeps us Fulfilled. It keeps us Happy. It feeds our Souls. It helps You Suceed and Prosper.

Oh, and incidentally, It Pays the Bills.

When You are ready to share your Needs, We're here to Listen.

Best -