10 Marketing Truths I Know at 46

1. Demographic assumptions are almost always wrong.

2. Who a client thinks they are and who they really are/how the are seen/perceived is usually very different.

3. Nothing good comes from throwing money at something without knowledge/information/data.

4. If you think it's stupid it probably is. Be brave not stupid.

5. Your Mom/Dad/Best Friend/Son/Granddaughter/Cousin's Nephew doesn't know how or where you should advertise (unless they are in the biz).

Also, if your Mom/Dad/Best Friend/Son/Granddaughter/Cousin's Nephew made it for you, well, good luck (unless they are in the biz).

6. If it's free then good, you got it for free. If it's trade, you probably should've gotten more.

7. Don't stay quiet.

8. Shut up and listen.

9. Be the need.

10. When in doubt call Pixninja.

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