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UPDATE: The PixNinja is Available for SNL 2023

Turns out I'll be in New York later this year &

Turns Out

Lorne Michels is not only the inspiration for a Dr. | BONUS: also the model for Warden Samuel Norton w/Nurse Ratchit as His Muse (an Evil Muse w/a Meat Helmet).

I Want to Work w/this Man.

Don't think I've ever told anybody this before.

The First Thing I Ever Wanted To Be When I Grew Up Was On Saturday Night Live.

Because of This Man.


That's one of the reasons I went to Chicago. And studied w/Del Close. John studied w/Del.

Del taught Us the Most Important Lesson in Comedy (and Life):



Three Things You May Not Know About Del (Rule of 3's):

- He Went to Kansas State (Manhattan, KS)
- He Played in the Marching Band (I Can't Remember which Instrument)
- He is the only Human I know who successfully shot Heroin into his Eyeball (I Can't Remember which Eye)

Something About Del Made You Want to Over-Achieve.

Have You Seen The Belushi-Father?

Belushi Godfather

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Fat, Drunk & Stupid is No Way to Go Thru Comedy, Son.


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