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PixNinja Selfie of Michael, Brenda & Teresa

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The Maddening Rules of March

The Maddening Rules of March

There are reasons that, come NCAA Tournament time, you don't see or hear "March Madness", "Sweet Sixteen" or "Final Four" in some advertising.

Rock Cha…darn

LFK: A Fabulous Alternative

LFK Alternative Lawrence Fabulous Kansas

Need a PG rated, family friendly alternative to the locally well known term LFK? We have one for you: Lawrence Fabulous Kansas or LFabK!

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Democratizing the Web - Adventures in Joomla: Flashback

Michael O. Taylor Photo by PixNinja

Wanna here about the old days in 2013 when I decided to learn Joomla and my adventures in open source? Hereyago.

Go Back In Time

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  Dan LaFontaine — I love PixNinja and Joomla, the perfect marriage! ...