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I've Made Lots of Cool Video Shit Like This.
But NEVER Been Able to Post It.


Video 1: Subject Matter (Violence/Gore)

the pack screen grab
*You & Your Artwork are Awesome Phil Boutte

Until Now.
(And Yes, I Made Ed's Killer Movie.)


I'm Skipping Services like YouTube & Making My Content Available from My Server.

Here's An Idea:


Enjoy Time Travel?

Wanna Learn How to Do This?
See Footage From The Movie?
Hang Out?
Watch Retro Stand-Up?
Make Mixed Media Spray Pop Art?
Share Some Stories?

w/Mia & Me & Me?




While We're Here, Damn I Really Miss You Baby. *If you watch this, please start w/the volume down a bit. I wasn't much w/Audio yet.

Video 2: Copyright (Don't Worry Baby/Beach Boys)



Season 1 Begins | Q2 2023

*Yes, you will be able to Binge Watch, PixNinja & Mello. Whatever.

**Full Episodes will be available/hosted ONLY at PixNinja.com.

*Are You Currently Seeking/Booking Guests?

**Just One.

jennifer aniston

Why Should I Watch?

Excellent Question.

Why ONLY at PixNinja.com?


I CAN do whatever the #@$! I want at www.pixninja.com

I CANNOT do whatever the #@$! I want at www.youtube.com

That's #@$!'n Why. Basically.

Please allow JP to elaborate.

To Be Fair, I tuned-out when he got to the covid/election part (not suggesting anything other than my lack of interest at the time.)

- or -

Anyway, you get the idea.


First One Through The Wall Always Gets Bloody...


in the meantime...

*BTW & To Be Clear: Thought Property HAS to be Protected/Respected. It is also the Fabric of Popular Culture that Connects Us. All I Ask: If I'm Not Gettin' Paid, Just Let Me Play. For Starters...



- or -

Cameron Crowe Gets It.

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