Mother F'n Hood

Mother Freaking Hood Logo

Client: MotherFreakingHood
Location: Lawrence, KS / Chicago, IL

The Project

I had the privilege to work on this project with my friends Julie Dunlap and Sara Stotts who I've known since my days at the University of Kansas. MotherFreakingHood is a musical that they conceived, birthed and brought to life. It's really fun!

Julie Dunlap and Sara Stotts MotherFreakingHood

After runs of the show here in Lawrence and also in Kansas City, they were preparing to submit it to the New York Musical Festival. Okay, first things first. They needed some help with their existing logo mostly, at the time, because they didn't have a vector version.

Mother Freaking Hood Original Logo

I figured that while we were at it, we could revise it and clean it up. That we did and also did some cool stuff with it. Like this sticker:

Mother Freaking Hood Sticker

Of course, you'll also find it on their website which of course we built.

BTW - They got into the New York Musical. Great Job Julie & Sara!

Best -