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Home Sweet Home

Update 101

Downtown was fun, but it sure is Nice to Be Home Again. This time in the World Famous Lawrence Sunset Hills!

A Little History

Great Work & Good Times! That was The Jam when PixNinja was in the house over at 1720 Louisiana.

PixNinja 1720 Louisiana

PixNinja had taken over the downstairs and the first seeds of the art shop were planted in the basement. This photo is from my first Ribbon Cutting. Yes that is a Butterfly Knife (I used a Sword at the next one). Clown Scissors are dumb.

123 W 8th 3rd Floor Office

The Treehouse (3rd Floor) @ 123 W 8th was an excellent next home. Yes that is a classic Belmont Barber Chair.

PixNinja Greenhouse

And the space down on the 1st Floor was Waayyy Bigger and made a Lovely Greenhouse.

rehab art gallery lawrence ks

REHAB Art Gallery

And a Super-Fun Art Gallery & Cool Shit Shop.

REHAB Logo Design | Art Gallery | Lawrence, Kansas

Cool Shit Shop Logo

REHAB Art Gallery Lawrence Kansas

Say Hello

to the next PixNinja Evolution. The Power of The Home Mansion. I think Hef was on to something...

Today's Taylorism:

Working from home used to be seen as a professional liability. Now it's seen as a Professional Success. - Mac Taylor

- or -

"Be it ever humble, there's no place like home". - J.H. Payne

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