How to NOT Succeed in 2023 | Or: How Alot of Us Have Already Won

I'm sitting here, right now, in nothing but a towel. Dripping wet.

Sexy? Absolutely No.

Because I have all my best ideas in the shower and I couldn't wait to get back to the 'pute?

Absolutely Yes!

The Sitch

First, Thanks for playing along!

Yesterday I was out getting some shots for one client and, since I was in the neighborhood, decided to stop by and say hey to another one (two actually).

Hadn't been over for awhile and great to take the time and take the curve.

Convo was short but excellent. 

When I asked, "Things as good as can be?". That's how I've been asking it for awhile now. The answer was exactly the same but totally different than all the other times over the last few years.

The answer was, again, "We're Open."

Which, as all of us (sm)all business owners know, is sayin' a whollotta somethin'.

But this time,

I didn't see a man who was scared. Or confused. Or defeated.

Beaten? Ruthlessly. 100%

This time I saw a Man. Who puts his boots on everyday and goes to Work. Because he has a Job to do.

And He's Worked Ruthlessly to Keep It.

(sm)All Business is a Motherf*cker

My Grandfather, who I started working for in the 2nd grade at Taylor Wholesale Grocery, once told me:

"I'll take any business except for a restaurant. You couldn't give me a restaurant." - James Owen Taylor

To be abundantly clear, this is not a knock on the restaurant business. All the respect to you if you have one. It's HARD.

It's The Example

because, for one reason and unlike most other businesses, EVERYTHING is on the clock. everything.

Add in pinches of all the other this's, that's, want to's and have to's that go along with running a small/your own business.

Everyday. All Day. All The Time.

No thanks, but I appreciate the offer.

*Not sure how J.O. would feel about the Motherf*cker part of the program. A Prude he was NOT, but his joke was, if you said the word "Shit", "You just had something in your mouth I wouldn't have in my hand." You can use that one if you want.

The Lost Years

Until recently, that's what I used to call my first marriage. The last few years have suggested re-evaluation. Big Time.

But, Like Always: What Did I Learn? How Do I Get Better? Have I FINALLY figured out how to NOT be an Complete DumbAss?

*Just remembered we (#1 & Me) watched Lost. All of it. Then I called this...

The last few years have changed all of us.

Individually and Collectively.

And while all of our experiences/changes have been personal, we all can look at each other and know we've all been through, essentially, The Same Big Dumb Shit.

The Divorce Analogy

I'm going through another divorce right now. This time, with one of my best friends/little brother. And even as divorce is a more common experience nowadays, not everyone has experienced it. Seen Shawshank? This example sums it up nicely.

And Now We're All on the Same Page

in that, one way or the other, we've all had our cells tossed (and not in the good way).

And It Doesn't Stop. Ever.

*As of this writing, the new variant is still in China, doesn't look like Russia is gonna push the button & documents, Washington & lies, OH MY!

So now what?

Art Imitates Life. Life Imitates Art. Marketing Cashes In.

PRO HACK | Nickel's Worth of FREE ADVICE: Every Ad you see for Wix, Bluehost, Wordpress, Squarespace, TailorBrands (no, not Me, more on that later), etc. is Mumbo Jumbo JUMBO. Marketing 101: Doesn't matter if it's any good. Just tell'em what they wanna hear ='s Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'all (and my point/look at the url).

I'm not knocking the products. I've used/tried all of them except TailorBrands (I'm gonna have so much fun with them).

They're fine.


There's a Reason(s) Why I Still Have Work

and have had since #1 was asking me if I was worried about the New Do-It-Yourself Shit and the answer is still, confidently, no.

I'm not the sharpest bulb in the box, but if you told me I could build my own car and keep it runnin' right for $9.99 a month, I'd have a few questions (and I would tell Elon to Suck It, cause I'd have my own car, but the space shit is still cool).

You Gotta Do The Work

and if you want to Get Jiggy w/The Web (yes, this is a another Tasteless Bitch Slap Joke from another tasteless comic):

And you are Looking for your Answer for Web/Logo/Content/Etc. at:

Wix, Bluehost, Wordpress, Squarespace, TailorBrands (no, still not Me, but much more on this later)

All I can say is, "This is Not it Proximo. This is NOT IT!"


Making Great Food. Doing Math for Other People. Making Your Yard Looks Awesome. Sell T-Shirts & Prints...

Keep Doing That & Being Awesome!

As much as you can. And keep learning. As much as you can. And sleep once in a while. And eat something...

Maybe You're a Little Rusty. A Little Off. Maybe ALOT OFF.

Hey, we all get Sidetracked. Me Included.

But I'm back on track again. Again. And I'm excited about what I'm Making. I'm Making Again!
*What Did I Learn? How Do I Get Better? Have I FINALLY figured out how to NOT be an Complete DumbAss?

Be Proud. Tell Your Friends. Show Off.

bezos amazon banner
*Reminder: You Gotta Start Somewhere.

(<Amazon. Not the Best Example, I know. BUT Great Image>)

Then Work/Hustle Your Ass Off. & Listen. & Repeat.

His Name is Taylor Durden. If you are reading this today. You made it. We'll Get There.

C'Mon Space Monkeys. Let's Do This. - Taylor

P.S. - Suck It A.rtificial I.ntelligence (but I still wanna be friends 'cause you do cool shit)!



My Advice: Chase Excellence. That. Is. All.

And remember: Whatever (else) comes out of these gates, we have a better chance of survival if we work together.



Go Ahead. Talk About it.

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