Tom Selleck Salem Marlboro Man

Tom Selleck | - or - What a Star REALLY Is.

I heard that Tom passed. Boo.

I saw him once...

There was this really cool country western store on Ventura Blvd.

Can't remember the name. 

It's where I got this shirt.


I'm doing my thing. I'm lookin' around. I'm not gay.

I See The Most Gorgeous Human Being I Have EVER Seen in My Life.

And there is Absolutely NO WAY to describe his perfect, chiseled, GOD-Like features.

And Tall. My God.

He was on the other side of the room, in the corner, in an almost empty shop, talking with the woman that did the custom boots, hats, etc.

His energy was bold as love and soft as a spring rain. He was beautiful.

And Time Stopped.

And that's the day I understood that some stars are born.

Thank You for That Tom.


& Then There's Always that odd connection I have with my music & the things around Me & Rabbit Holes: like this: like this: like this:


& this is why we have the internet


*I did actually see Tom that day and I'll actually be really sad when he actually passes.

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