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- or - A Love Letter to My Baby Grand.
 - or - Doing it My Way has it's privileges...
  - or - Just. I'm Nobody.
   - or -

Last Edit: 5\14\23


*Okay First, just on principle

I'm listening to John Mayer's "Your Body is A Wonderland" on a Saturday morning at 3:46 on repeat.

I'm a repeat song guy.

Pick the mood. Roll up my sleeves. Put it on repeat. Tune everything out. Go to work...

That's kinda where it all started.

Remember Limewire? MACROMEDIA? Dreamweaver? Flash? I do.

And before PHP includes made me tingly, so began my Torrid, Delicious, "You Complete Me ( -or- You Had Me at Hello World )" Affair with the World Wide Web.
*And I Still Do ALL My Own Stunts ; )

The Sitch

First: About the Daddy Thing. Go Here. This Explains It. Don't Be Weird.

Time Machine Link

Okin' Dokin'


Switch Track / Geto Boys Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Jennifer Aniston Office Space Bird

*Ms. Aniston, Your Flair is Impeccable! Always Has Been.

If you are reading this: I've Got a Blank Space, Baby. Lemme write your name : )



With Web3/3.0 right around the corner (Mark calls it The Metaverse. So Dumb.) and Open A.I. really finally Good-To-Go (kinda), I ask you:

My Dear Reader, "When it All Jumps Off Whatcha Gonna Do?"

Me? I know where I've been & I know where I'm headed.

It's Awesome!


Every time I think of something Internet Good/Fun/Excellent/Interesting, Old or New, it's gonna go here.

Like My own Lil' Sub/ Reddit.

reddit logo

Call it a RETROspective. Certainly a PROspective.

I'll call it a Love Letter to My Girl.

Switch Track /
Eurythmics Missionary Man




1/21/23 NOTICE: This Stays Right Here Until Further Notice.


This is Why She's Miley Cyrus

BTW - Miley - Here's a Track I Made. FOR REAL. Never Got to Perform It (Long Story). Wanna Lay Down The Vocal?

album cover







Jefferey Hall. This is Awesome. And True. Ask My Mom.

She's Proof. Please Contact Me. Friends? Let's Chat...

Stay in touch: Just one conversation with a friend each day boosts well-being


Oh Memes. The Land of Ahs

- or - Dead Men Tell Some of the Best Tales & Worst Jokes

Good Morning. Usual Morning. No Custom Coffee Yet (I Do ALL My Own Stunts).

It didn't start here for me this morning. I woke up to the Sound of Uzi...

Sound of Uzi

Likeasay, was gonna say something completely else. Maybe tomorrow. Lots to say...

super dave



Wednesday February One 9:05pm | A Day Afternoon Evening Almost Off...

Trying to Relax. Kwan Tidwell just Showed Me The Money on Netflix.

HBO MAX Next. Two Things:

1. When We Were Kings. Hasn't Been Available ANYWHERE for EVER (I have it on DVD).



2. Well, 2:47 actually, into Ep 1 of the New Shaq Show. SHAQ is EXCELLENT (Of Course). The Format/Visuals are Excellent & Fresh w/Soundtrack (Nice!).

*Blue Chips/Nick Nolte are Guilty Pleasures of Mine, SoHowBout:

Blue Chips 2: Neon Now | The Boudeaux Chronicles

HBO You Are Awesome but You Already Know That.

Shaq Neon Sports Card



PixNinja.com in Consideration for a 2023 Webby Award

Never Been in a Beauty Pageant (Drag Show Once. Once.). That was Fun. This One Cost Me Too ($185 + Tax). Who Gives A Shit.


We'll See Where This Goes...

Positive steps will see your goals. Whether it's dollars or control, feel the gold. - The Streets




Joe -

Hope You are Excellente & Respect The Fuck Outta You. Big Fan since Mencia.

You may or may not know that I contacted Your show about a month ago through Your contact page.

You may or may not know I DO NOT want to be on Your show but would like to talk to You.

You may or may not know that Your youtube Joe Rogan daily content was started about a month ago.

You may or may not know that comics are lazy. You and I are Unicorns.

If You/Your Crew think(s) I'm neat-o lets chat ; )

Best / M.T.

Oh, & Please Tell Ari my favorite story on "This Is Not Happening" is a toss-up between crazy stripper & meth pee, but overall I liked the show better the first time. When it was at Cheetah's. And it had Strippers. And it was called Giggles & Jiggles. I tried to book You & Uncle Joey. Remember? Ask Tripoli. He has a wheelchair stripper bit that kills...


In Other Nerd News. JUST FOUND This. It is Unexpectedly RAD.

And If you worked hard paying attention to my about page you'll know why in ___ seconds...






Darren Carter Stand-Up Comedy Store


And how I've always seen you. Hope you are as excellent as you look.

*If you have a photo credit, please let me know.





Holy Shit! - or - Everything IS Everywhere ALL AT ONCE

Check This Out:


Stealing Jobu's Rum

F*ck Me. I Totally Get It. WOW. Just WOW.

& UnRelated

Totally Forgot: Phil Hartman was a Graphic Designer.

Thanks Jon.





The 90's Are at the BIGGIE tiPPing poInt of Being Back!

And That is Awesome.

And Some of Us Are Just Happy to Still Be Alive. Seriously. But Anyway...

The 80's 2: ElectricTurboShitshow is Almost Fucking Out

So. There's this Big Movie Recital Award Show coming-up that you can't say the name. They give trophys & people say some mostly dumb shit, but every once-in-a-while some say really awesome shit. Anyway...

There is only One (1) Uno award I give a shit about.

*And Only This One Because The Crime of Maverick Not Getting Best Picture is an Unfortunate Certainty.

It is for an actor who I fucking adore & who is FINALLY getting some recognition/respect (NOT doing Rodney here). Short Round. Long Time Due.

And Now. Of Course. All At Once.

All I will say is, "Cover Your Heart & Enjoy"






Too Soon?

Alex. From what I hear, Your Levels of Acting & Being a DOOOSH are Extraordinary.

It was an accident. Not an on-purpose. It's horrible & I wish it never happened. People were right. People were wrong.

This is one of the tough things to do when you're "observing the timeline"





This. Is. Fantastic. | The Ladies. Not Tom. He's Terrific. & I Respect Tom. He is Old Balls Awesome.

80 for Brady

Now. I've always had:

A Nerd Crush on Sally
A Old School/Sexy Time/Good Girl/Bad Girl Crush on The Fonda
A Mad Work/Talent Respect for Rita

and Lily

Please Teach Me Sinsay

Anybody who knows me knows that, in all fairness and sexuality aside, objectively and based on personal preference alone, we must ask The Question/Play The Game: FMK
*If you are not familiar with FMK, figure it out or Ask Me.

My FMK Answer: The Fonda, Sally, Lily

Don't Judge. I've Given You a Topic. Discuss Amongst Yourselves.




1/Can't Remember What Day I Posted This/23

Remember: HomeStar Runner (Wiki)

At the time, HomeStarRunner.com was Masterclass in Web Animation / Macromedia Flash.

The T.V. set interface! And Strong Bad Emails!

*Design Note: Allegedly Gradients are Back.

strongbad emails



WTF | Myspace is Back?

EDIT 1/13/23

Click Me & I'll Share The Fun!

spacehey logo


Recycled Movies. Sure. Will We See Recycled Commercials?

EDIT: 1/15/23

With Cultural Content Cross-Over in Full Mash-Up Mode, Let's see if Volkswagon (or Somebody Else) goes back to this super-fun (and always timely) ad:

Volkswagen Commercial - Da Da Da (1997) | Drivers Wanted ~ Great Campaign!

If it is not this one, it will be another. Mark my words, Boy. Mark Them Well! (as Threatening Bad Guy).

But The Real Question is: When Will Awesomeness Like THIS Be Okay Again?

2 Words: Please. Thanks. Carl's.

carl's jr screen capture

One last thing (I think):

What you are about to read ain't a bad thing, but I would highly recommend paying more attention.

90% of online content could be ‘generated by AI by 2025,’ expert says

BTW/PRO TIP: This is not a Good vs. Bad End of Days Thing. This is A.I. is Awesome. Knowing How to REALLY Use It Is Awesomer ; )

Ahh. Good Sunday.




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